FY2019 Chapter Elections

We are pleased to announce the election of our Chapter Board in the South Central Chapter for terms beginning October 1, 2018.

Chapter Nominations

Chapter Nominations are open for the Board positions listed below, through January 5, 2018.  Self-nominations are highly encouraged. Complete the Chapter Leadership Form HERE.  Submit completed forms to administrator@sc.asid.org

Candidate Eligibility

President Elect (one year term):
Members with the appellation of ASID or Allied ASID and Candidates must have served on the chapter board within the last 10 years
Candidates must have served as a committee chair for two years within the last 10 years.
Directors (two year term)
Members in good standing with athe appellation of ASID, Allied ASID, or Industry Partner members in good standing are eligible for director positions.

Slate of Candidates

The Slate of Candidates, whose term will begin on October 1, 2018, and who will serve a one year term, is:

  •  President-Elect ‚Äč
    • The basic functions of an ASID Chapter President-Elect are: to assume the responsibilities of the chapter president in his or her absence; to assist the chapter president in carrying out the functions of that office and perform specific duties delegated by the chapter president; and to facilitate the chapter board in understanding its role and responsibilities. This position shall be used as orientation for the future chapter presidency.

The Slate of Candidates, whose terms will begin on October 1, 2018, and who will serve a two year term, are:

  • Membership Director
    • The Chapter Membership Director’s responsibilities may vary depending on the size, composition and geography of the chapter and the chapter’s resources. Establishing a membership committee will allow the director to delegate some tasks to others. Also, Headquarters staff can help with some aspects of member recruitment or retention efforts.Membership Directors might help new members become involved in all relevant chapter activities; invite them to serve on a committee; and/or highlight their talents and help them find their ‘place’ on a committee or sub-group to get them involved and actively engaged in chapter events.
  • Director-At-Large
    • The At-Large Directors may focus on an area of particular importance to the chapter—such as legislation, Industry Partners, or design community outreach—or serve in a general at-large capacity as needed.
      All At-Large Directors, regardless of any other responsibilities determined by the chapter, are to provide chapter members with information regarding the Society’s professional standards and code of ethics and the proper use of member appellations, and to funnel reports of ethics violations and appellation abuses that arise within the chapter to the government and public affairs department at ASID headquarters for processing.

The current Board members whose terms do not expire until September 30, 2019, and therefore, will be continuing until that time, are:

  • Lee Hofmann, Industry Partner Representative for Architex International – Communications Director
  • Meridith Ranouil, Allied ASID, CKD – Financial Director
  • Amy Cox, ASID – Professional Development Director

The current President Elect, Andrea Cornwell, ASID will move into the President position for the term October 1, 2018. - September 30, 2019.